The new normal means you require an accounting team that meets your needs. Business doesn’t look like it did two months ago and our service is shaped beautifully to suit the new normal.


Lending an ear

Rebuilding the NZ economy will provide challenges and opportunities. We are here to lend an ear or be a sounding board for your ideas. Business is tricky at the best of times, let alone a global pandemic. We are here to help you through. 


Payment plans are awesome

In most cases we are able to offer fixed price quotes. Our monthly plans enable clients to spread our fees over the year. Not only are the fees spread out over the year, so is our service. We don’t just produce an Annual Report and see you once in the year, we work with you throughout the year to achieve optimal results.


How it works


We’ve got your back

We are a small business and the majority of our clients are small or medium businesses. We get it, we know what it feels like. We are here if you need some help to plan the next few months or years.


team of accountants in boardroom


One of the things our clients love about us is that we are always available and keen to help. We are just a phone call or email away. Reliable and trusted advisors are key for the new normal.


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