Packages for Contractors

Packages for Contractors

Here at The Accounting Hub we work with professional contractors from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

We work with creative folk such as graphic designers, marketing and film industry people; we work with tech types such as web developers and ICT experts. Contractors also include GPs, legal professionals, and people in construction; engineers and architects are also in our wheelhouse.

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In the growing gig-economy, professional contractors are involved with short and long-term or project based work. Essentially professionals are able to be self-employed and carve a customised and satisfying career path doing the work they love!

We enjoy working with small businesses. We like to keep life simple, profitable and efficient for business owners who contract their professional skills. With Xero on board, the books are streamlined and straightforward, so business owners can get back to what they know best.

Our Contractor packages are designed for single-client contractors. If you have multiple clients or projects going on, consider our Just the Basics or other packages.

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