Post lockdown business planning: how we can help

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AUGUST UPDATE: Fully funded support is available through the Regional Business Partner Network. Please talk to us to see if you are eligible to apply. Read more below.

As a small business owner in the midst of the global pandemic, you’ve probably had to make changes to your business model. Whether it was hosting meetings with clients on Zoom, learning about encryption technology to allow employees access to sensitive information from home, offering restaurant food for take-out or managing dance classes online, most small businesses adapted in some way.

So post-lockdown, now what?

You may need to:

  • revisit your revenue assumptions if you have any or, if not, come up with a reasonable model.
  • if you have different sides to your business, figure out how a forced change in focus may affect your costs and overall profitability.
  • if your business has grown very well, discuss how to make sure this is sustainable growth.

If this sounds like what your business needs, then read on!

Business planning service

Our post-lockdown business planning service consists of revisiting your business model and looking for changes which will need to be made in the current business environment.

We will send pre-work to you then facilitate a three hour one-on-one session covering your business and the way forward. Depending on your situation we will work through some financial scenarios.

After the session, you will have:

  • reviewed and set the direction for the business
  • identified and prioritised key goals
  • created strategies to achieve your goals
  • a high level budget to work towards
  • discussed contingency plans in the event of further business disruptions.

Price: $1,200 + GST (may be free or subsidised with RBP funding, see below)

Funding available

Of course, given the current economic realities, many businesses are not well placed to engage professional assistance with business planning. That’s where the Regional Business Partner Network maybe able to help.

Regional Business Partners (RBP) is a network of Growth Advisors who take a bird’s eye view of your business and help you connect with the right professionals (eg, Business Planning experts like us) and resources so you can build capability and grow. RBP offers Capability Voucher Funding to help business owners to access business training and coaching services, by providing a 50-100% subsidy towards the business planning service cost.

More about the RBP funding programme (our blog)

RBP funding user guide

Next steps

If you would like to discuss using the RBP Capability Voucher Funding, or if you would like to know more about our business planning service, please contact us.

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