Software decisions – which cashbook software is best for your business?

For an owner of a small or medium sized business, the days of “shoebox record keeping” are long gone. There are several good quality, low cost accounting packages to suit every kind of business, ranging from simple cashbook systems to Enterprise Resourse Planning (ERP) systems capable of handling not just accounting information, but also human resources, customer relationship management and a wide range of other tasks. Most SME businesses will…  Read more

Google Drive – 1st month review

As a keen follower of the move towards cloud based systems, I was interested to see Google’s foray into the online storage market. Google has had its Google Apps suite of web based applications for some time now but has very recently added a storage component to that. So what does it do? It is probably easiest for me to say the way that I am using the products, as…  Read more

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