Department of Post

We were lucky enough to have met James a couple of years ago. It started when James did a Google search for an accountant. He was looking for a good fit for their company, an accountant that specialised in cloud technology was a pre-requisite. Being Xero specialists and experts in accounting technology, they decided on The Accounting Hub.

Department of Post
Photo courtesy of Department of Post. Copyright 2015

James and the team at Department of Post have embraced Xero whole-heartedly and love that there is less paper to deal with, better cashflow, as well as more accurate and detailed records of their business.

Here’s what James says about The Accounting Hub:

With Xero we can reconcile as we go along which means we don’t have a headache at the end of the month trying to reconcile each line from a bank statement. Our office manager drafts up invoices and emails them through to the appropriate person for approval.

Because Andrew knows that we like to use technology in our business, he is good at recommending smart Xero apps and plugins.  One app that he recommended is Smart Payroll. It’s idiot proof! We used to pay wages manually and ended up with problems. Because we don’t have a sole person dedicated to accounts, we appreciate not having to do manual tasks such as filing PAYE, Smart Payroll takes care of this.

Andrew has also recommended Receipt Bank. We really like the concept and will introduce it into our systems in the near future.

We were put onto a tax management company (Tax Management NZ) by Andrew. They deal with provisional tax which saves us money. The tax savings probably almost pays for The Accounting Hub’s annual fees!

As you can see James and the team at The Department of Post are dream clients; interesting industry, Xero lovers and super smart at what they do. Given their role in ‘tidying things up’ it is no wonder they embraced Xero and add-on apps to streamline systems, get rid of paper and save time. We enjoy working with such a forward thinking bunch and being part of their business journey.

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