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Kirstin Poole, kplegal

Kirstin is partner/owner of KP Legal. Like us, KP Legal specialises in offering practical solutions to small-medium businesses.

We like to think we have lots of things in common so we decided to chat to Kirstin about why The Accounting Hub fits nicely with her business model.

Here is what Kirstin had to say:

I met Andrew through mutual clients and was immediately impressed by his honest and pragmatic approach – he aligns with my core values.  He’s down to earth and has practical solutions to my business concerns.  I get on with him because he’s similar to me, we’re at a similar stage in business, and we even live in the same neighbourhood! 

It’s easy to ask him questions and talk things over with him, he doesn’t mind.  He’s given me good advice about how to structure my law firm and personal finances.

The Accounting Hub team are really lovely people.  I emailed Helen with a question today and she sorted it out straight away.

My old accountant did the job but he was expensive and only really did my end of year accounts.  He didn’t even use Xero.

The Accounting Hub is modern and cost effective, I get more bang for my buck!

We enjoy working with KP Legal too, we feel we are like-minded and that we can share in their success as their business thrives. Our relationship with Kirstin has flourished and we are grateful for her referring many of her social circle and clients to us.

We think small, innovative and nimble professional businesses are the way of the future.

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