Pinc & Steel Patient and Physio Gym Rehab


Thanks to medical research and development, more and more people are surviving cancer. Many cancer charities in New Zealand are focused on awareness and research, not the ever-increasing number of survivors needing rehabilitation support to live a normal life.  This is where PINC & STEEL come in. Lou James founded PINC & STEEL in 2006 after seeing first hand in her own physiotherapy practice, the physical and emotional toll that cancer had on the lives of the people affected and the people close to them.

Committed to survivorship PINC & STEEL support people affected by cancer with physiotherapy through all stages of their treatment and recovery, helping them thrive, not just survive.


Pinc & Steel Male Patient And Physio Gym Rehab


Running lean

PINC & STEEL is a small organisation with a big task. They have over 100 physios working throughout the country and with no guaranteed government funding available, financing their work is challenging. They raise money through multiple sources from grassroots fundraising initiatives to grants from other charities.

PINC & STEEL run lean so keeping administration and accounting costs low is vitally important. The Accounting Hub is tasked with helping keep the most direct pathway between the funding and support to the people in need.

Help with compliance

Another big consideration working as a charity is following regulations, keeping good records and compliance. Alongside the management accounting and end of year accounts, The Accounting Hub also provide assistance complying with Public Benefit Entity (PBE) reporting requirements.

Lou and her small team are confident in the help they receive from The Accounting Hub in this area. They know they can call on Helen when they have questions.

“Accounting is not my forte so the intel we get from Helen at The Accounting Hub has really helped. Helen is amazing with Xero.… Having that support means that our energy can be directed at helping our patients through the hardest time of their lives, not worrying about paperwork.”

Here at The Accounting Hub we love innovation, new ideas and supporting progressive and important projects like PINC & STEEL’s work. We are pleased to work alongside these incredible people doing great things for every day Kiwis. We are so proud of their work and this partnership.

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