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John Tino - Tino Structures

Structural engineering is essential to society. Directly impacting the safety and durability of our buildings and structures, it is structural engineering that determines a hospital’s ability to survive an earthquake or a warehouse’s ability to survive gale force winds.

After many years working in the industry Dr John Jing started Tino Structures two years ago and the business is now a leading structural engineering consultancy. They specialise in structural engineering for everything from single-story houses to multi-million-dollar multi-story buildings and multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects.

Client first approach

When John first started looking for an accountant he started close to home, in fact just down the road from his old office in Mt Eden.  And he wasn’t disappointed. Meeting Andrew, John found that his forward-thinking approach would be just what Tino Structures needed. And more than that – The Accounting Hub had the same approach to business as Tino Structures – putting the clients’ needs at the forefront of everything they do.

Tino Structures

John now works with Richa and Amy, members of The Accounting Hub team.

“We are very happy with The Accounting Hub. Everything they produce is timely and accurate and Xero is a great tool. But more importantly they are a friendly and responsive team, who always put the client first”.

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