Often we see owners of small businesses or managers of community organisations whose time is stretched increasingly thinly but who do not have the resources to hire even a part time financial administrator. Over time, as organisations grow, either the standard of administration slips (in Inland Revenue terms, “lack of reasonable care”), or else time is diverted from more profitable activities, or even from family time, to keep the books in order.

For some of our clients we fill the gap and can provide a flexible accounting team service that can scale as your business grows. We can provide a competitive fixed monthly fee for our services which we would perform remotely.

Doing this gives you the flexibility to grow your business without human resource hassles and for a fraction of the cost of a full-time accounts team member (in fact, some people use the term “fractional” team member to describe this way of working).


Below are some of the tasks that we could talk about moving on to our team:

  • Payroll and PAYE filing– we use IRD compliant cloud based software for this
  • Accounts payable – using modern paperless systems
  • Data entry and bank reconciliation in Xero
  • Xero conversion, training and consulting
  • Assistance with budgeting and monthly reporting against budget.


More about what a fractional accounting team does

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