We work with many different types of small-medium businesses, other organisations (including incorporated societies and trusts) and individuals. Many of the clients that we work with are in entirely new industries or else are not easily categorised. Over the years though we have found that we work particularly well with the following groups of clients.

Not for Profit

We love the Not for Profit sector, we work with Charities, Trusts and Incorporated Societies to help them keep on track.

We can work alongside your in-house accounts staff, administrator, Management or the Board to streamline the year end audit process. Best of all using us on an ‘as required’ basis can be more cost effective than trying to hire the expertise in house.

Professionals and Service Industry

We love working with creatives, lawyers, manufacturers and IT specialists. From one-man-bands to all SME’s, we help doctors, advertising agencies, dentists and copywriters.

We understand these industries and we can relate to business challenges and opportunities in this sector.

Contractors and Trades

We work with small trade firms, medium size crowds and larger construction companies in engineering, building, electrical or plumbing work. We help businesses handle their accounting so they can get back on the tools, in the business they love.

We make accounting simple for trades men and women.

Property Investors

Property Investors want their accounts down simply, with no fuss. Should you use an LTC, a family trust or just hold the property in your own name? We can advise on an apprpriate structure for your property investment venture, and can provide a quick, easy set of books for property investors.

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