What our clients say

We work for a range of entities, from sole traders to SME sized businesses. We also work for several incorporated societies. Our services include tax compliance and accounts preparation, but also can include compilation of other financial information. What we really love to do is to help to drive business success with our business planning and quarterly coaching services as well as business, accounting and taxation advisory. Here is what some of our clients say about our service:

Re/volve Energy

“Andrew has provided some specialist advice on particulars that have helped us to grow. We have grown together, there is a nice camaraderie in that.”

Shay Brazier, Re/volve Energy
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Tino Structures

“We are very happy with The Accounting Hub. Everything they produce is timely and accurate and Xero is a great tool. But more importantly they are a friendly and responsive team, who always put the client first.”

Dr John Jing, Tino Structures
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Grafton Medical

“We didn’t need to look for another accountant, we knew Andrew could do it. Andrew has specialist knowledge of the medical industry, his wife is a GP and he understands how it works, like the government funding, dealing with ACC and the Ministry of Health.”

Dr Lung Choi & Janice Choi, Grafton Medical
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Loan Market Howick

“Andrew’s not old school. He’s an early adopter and Xero makes the world of difference. I like that it gives clear, visual data. I use the reporting a lot. I can easily compare March for the last five years.”

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Applause Communications

“The Accounting Hub is not part of the suit and tie brigade. They’re like me, into caravans and kitesurfing. They’re efficient and effective without being formal. They’ve completely changed my business.”

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Richie Hardcore

“Andrew’s always very affable and that’s important to me. I’m an affable person and if I don’t get a good feeling about someone, then I’m like, nah this isn’t going to work. I’m quite crazy… the Muay Thai, the hardcore… it wasn’t going to work with your normal f**ken boring accountant.”

Richie Hardcore, Hardcore Ltd
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Department of Post

“With Xero we can reconcile as we go along which means we don’t have a headache at the end of the month trying to reconcile each line from a bank statement.”

James Gardner, Department of Post
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Kor Creative

“I hated accounting. I hated it at school and then later in life I spent a lot of time with accountants who talked gobbledygook. It wasn’t until I met Andrew and the team at The Accounting Hub that I could see the fun side of accounting.”

Craig Walsh, Kor Creative
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“The big thing with business planning is that we want someone to hold us to account. We didn’t have clearly defined goals that we could work towards and celebrate achieving. Now we’re pushing to be proactive to growth, rather than reactive.”

Perrin Reilly, Springtimesoft
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Copper Seed

“I had a chat with Andrew and got a good feeling about them, they made me feel comfortable so I knew they were the right people for me.”

Victoria Copperseed, Copper Seed
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Cupid Bar

“The Accounting Hub seemed young, fresh and contemporary. I wanted an accountant I could trust. They were really helpful with the sale and purchase agreement, making sure it looked good from a monetary point of view.”

Alix McEntegart, Cupid Bar
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KP Legal

“The Accounting Hub team are really lovely people.  I emailed Helen with a question today and she sorted it out straight away.”

Kirstin Poole, KP Legal
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MR Drainage

“The Accounting Hub helped me through the first year without any tax shortfalls, leaving me enough time to get stuck in and get work done.”

Mikey Ryan, MR Drainage Ltd
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