Sustainable business initiative highlight: The Realness

Sustainable business initiative highlight: The Realness

As an innovative, human-centred small business, The Accounting Hub recognises the need to support other people-driven small businesses, especially those having an enormous positive impact despite their small size. These small businesses are the driving force when it comes to adopting and delivering on sustainable issues, as their personal approach to business allows them to give social and environmental agendas the same priority as fiscal goals.

Alix Mcentegart Cupid Bar

We love highlighting small businesses making a difference, so here’s a snapshot of why we need these enterprises and one in particular that we want to share with you.

Why we need sustainable small businesses

While some corporate behemoths hide behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) schemes to give the appearance that they aspire to make a difference, small enterprises actually can deliver on their sustainable efforts thanks to their hands-on approach to business. These small businesses are the life-force of a community, but due to their small stature, they may often come under threat from competition. Sustainability to these businesses has become more than just promoting sustainability for the planet and people, but also achieving sustainability for themselves!

The Realness: Hustlers for a better world

The Realness is a local initiative that’s drawing a global audience to its national crusade: promoting the sustainability of small, local, sustainable hospitality businesses in New Zealand. Started in 2011 by restaurateur Damaris Coulter, The Realness provides an online platform for independent eateries to showcase themselves affordably, giving them the chance to explain their unique value proposition in their own words. On, diners are able to easily find owner-operated eateries that are truly passionate about what they do and care about their staff and environmental/social impact.

Alix McEntegart from Cupid, one of our clients (see her here), is a part of The Realness’s movement. Her independent bar, Cupid Bar, is something a little different in Pt. Chevalier, located in the foyer of the old Ambassador Theatre.

Check out to learn more.

How sustainability is good for business

The Realness’s goal is to “shift the economic balance of the entire global hospitality industry by encouraging people to support local independent restaurants instead of corporate franchises and chains”.

For the Realness and the many owner-operated eateries listed on their platform, sustainability is a personal value that is also very good for business. Sustainability is no longer an afterthought in business but now a major selling point. Making sustainable choices can increase efficiency, provide a myriad of additional benefits, and ultimately attract better business as the global trend towards conscious consumerism continues to rise.

Why we love independent businesses

We love independent businesses at The Accounting Hub, because they’re just like us. We care about sustainability, being innovative, changing up the old-school status quo, and providing a people-driven service. We know exactly what small businesses need, because we are one!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your small business, get in touch.

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