5 reasons you should consider co-working space for your small business

The rapid growth of the co-working movement has made it a global phenomenon, and with good reason. Co-working, or shared office space, offers a whole host of benefits from expanding your personal and professional networks to eliminating distractions from the fridge and TV. While the list of positives is a long one, here are just our top five reasons why you should consider co-working space for your small business.

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1. Improve motivation and increase productivity

Surrounding yourself with other hardworking individuals in a co-working space can inspire productivity and improve your motivation to work. If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve probably been privy to the eye-opening, personal reflection experience that is working remotely or working from home. While some days the threat of a deadline is enough to inspire extraordinary spikes in motivation, other days the siren call of the fridge or TV can abruptly terminate productivity.

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2. Networking opportunities

Opting to work in a co-working space alongside other professionals offers invaluable opportunities to expand personal and professional networks. With the significant growth of the co-working spaces movement in New Zealand comes a corresponding growth in the potential for networking opportunities. Additionally, co-working spaces also offer the potential to find new clients and thereby grow your business.

3. Up-to-date facilities

Co-working spaces can offer up-to-date facilities that you may not currently have reliable, easy access to. Reputable co-working spaces can offer amenities such as high-speed internet, co-working desks, meeting rooms and even a decent coffee machine. Additionally, there is no hassle typically caused by dealing with service providers and bills.

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4. Eliminate isolation

While a good morning working from home in your pyjamas is great every now and then, the novelty does wear off. Working alone can be isolating for even the most introverted. Get out of the house and your pyjamas, and follow a professional work routine that will support work-life balance. Co-working spaces offer small business owners the refreshing opportunity to work by yourself without being alone.

5. “Location, location, location”

Every real estate agent will parrot this phase at some point during a hunt for your dream home, but the saying applies to co-working spaces as well. When choosing to work from a co-working space, you have the flexibility to cherry-pick a location that offers many additional benefits such as proximity to business centres, a modern and innovative culture, and access to excellent coffee and good food.

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Head Uptown

In Auckland, New Zealand’s bustling northern metropolis , three city fringe suburbs, Grafton, Newton and Eden Terrace have banded together to create the edgy, innovative area, Uptown. Uptown has a reputation for thriving on small to medium businesses that are passionate about what they do, and with an eclectic collection of cafes, bars and eateries, it is a mini Mecca for good coffee, ethnic food, and entrepreneurship.

For an innovative co-working space in Uptown, check out our space, Uptown Business Hub.

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