Our Client from Copper Seed

Our Client from Copper Seed


Victoria Richardson is an engineer and a business woman with a little bit of Spiderman thrown in for good measure . As a Chartered Building Surveyor, Victoria’s job involves not only office-based work, report writing and client liaison, but also scaling large buildings in a single bound! Part of her work involves abseiling down the side of all types of buildings to inspect for defects or maintenance requirements. To us, she is a true super woman.

Victoria’s building consultancy business, Copper Seed, has been in operation almost a year now. She credits much of her relatively stress-free transition into business ownership to the support she’s had from The Accounting Hub.

Our partnership with Victoria has been comprehensive. Not only have we set up her accounting systems, but we also do quarterly coaching sessions. Here’s what she has to say:

Running a business is new to me and I don’t have the foggiest idea about accounting and tax. I knew I couldn’t do it myself, I needed an accountant who could mentor me through. So I Googled accountants and found The Accounting Hub. I had a chat with Andrew and got a good feeling about them, they made me feel comfortable so I knew they were the right people for me.

I wanted an accountant who understood how I work. I like the easy, quiet life and I don’t want to push growth, I don’t want the numbers to be the focus and Andrew and the team support that.

We started out getting to know Victoria, learning how her business worked and her goals for the future. We were able to set her up with the right tools and show her how to use them. With the basics set up and business underway we set up time to catch up every few months to track progress, refine the plan and celebrate the success. Here is what Victoria has to say about these sessions.

Victoria Copperseed


The quarterly coaching sessions help me figure out what I want for my business and how I can achieve it. I’ve worked with Andrew to think about what my goals are for this year and longer term. My goals are not financially focused – they are about the type of clients I want to work with and the type of work I want to do and Andrew helps me figure out how I can achieve my goals.

Before my quarterly catch-up, Andrew sends me a form to complete. This is where I really start to reflect on what I have achieved over the past quarter and if there are any areas where I’m not making progress, we look at these in our session and Andrew helps me find ways to get back on track.

He also makes me think about things that I might be doing that are not so good for the business… am I spending too long giving free advice, for example, and how I can adapt my approach to manage these things better. Talking through the areas I struggle with Andrew has helped me develop strategies so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

If I didn’t have the quarterly sessions, I absolutely would not stay on track or commit to achieving my goals and Andrew helps track my progress. If I achieve something, we get straight to work on setting a new goal.

I feel like the coaching sessions are really well-rounded – it isn’t just about pats on the back and encouragement, it’s about understanding your weaknesses and how to improve and/or manage them. I always come away with new ideas and an excited feeling about putting them into action.

Andrew has become my Business Mum – he’s there for guidance and inspiration and when I feel like I’ve achieved something, I always look forward to telling him.

The Accounting Hub are really nice, approachable people. They allow me to focus on the surveying side of the business; they’ve taken the pressure off me.

Thanks, Victoria, for your kind words. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, watching your business progress to new heights!

Victoria Richardson

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