Shift your business accounting in to “the cloud”

Recent advances in small business accounting software are changing the way that accountants are able to interact with their clients. Using online or “cloud” based accounting software such as Xero gives accountants the opportunity to work with their clients on a regular basis, rather than just collecting records from businesses and preparing annual accounts after year end (as an aside, Xero is fast becoming a New Zealand success story which is starting to go global).
What this means for clients is that they have better information for making their important business decisions, at the click of a button from any internet connected computer, tablet or even smartphone!

The Accounting Hub has taken full advantage of these new technologies, and is now able to provide better service than traditional Chartered Accounting firms for the same or lower cost. Everything that we do at The Accounting Hub is geared towards providing more service to clients for the lowest possible cost. The Accounting Hub has recently been set up by a manager in a large CBD accounting firm, who realised that the glass office tower and corporate infrastructure were not necessary when dealing with SME clients.

Besides utilising cloud based computer services, The Accounting Hub saves money on expensive offices and will come to meet clients either at their business or at one of the many fantastic cafes that we have in the Ponsonby area.

For more information on The Accounting Hub or cloud based accounting software go to or call 3609917.

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