Mikey Ryan

MR Drainage Ltd

At first glance, bar the London accent, Mikey Ryan may seem like your average New Zealand tradie. Dig in a little deeper (no pun intended), and you’ll see Mikey’s drain laying business is different than most.

Mikey immigrated from the UK six years ago, and after a stint working for other tradies, set up his own business. Two years ago MR Drainage Ltd was born and business took off.

Like other drainlayers, Mikey and his small crew take care of domestic drainage needs for a new house build or renovation. Where they excel is in specialty drain and sewage line laying for massive projects such as the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland newest waterfront neighbourhood. To a drainlayer, this is one of the most advanced and exciting projects that you can take on. The construction work is complex and multifaceted, it involves skillfully working between tides to lay massive sewer lines. This requires careful planning, technical expertise and logistical insight. The scale and difficulty of this project gives you a sense of Mikey and his team’s ability.

Another of Mikey’s specialised projects was digging up a Fanshaw Street intersection during the Christmas holidays of 2016-17 to lay a new S-shaped sewerage pumpline. Again, not your everyday drain laying job but an interesting and satisfying job none the less.

Given that the construction business is booming and Mikey’s schedule is packed full – sometimes he’s busy working when most other businesses are on holidays – he doesn’t have much time to sit down and do paperwork. He admits his knowledge on tax and accounting is the other end of the scale compared to what he knows about drainage. That’s why he sought help right from the beginning.

Mikey’s sister recommended the Accounting Hub so he made a call to meet Andrew, and he hasn’t looked back. Mikey says:

The Accounting Hub helped me through the first year without any tax shortfalls, leaving me enough time to get stuck in and get work done. Andrew and the team are friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. They give 100% attention. They’re spot on, every time!