Up your business game: professional accounting practices you should adopt

Up your business game: professional accounting practices you should adopt

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All businesses need accounting services, however an astonishing number of business owners are attempting to manage accounting on their own. Now the good old ‘Kiwi DIY’ attitude has its place, but with all due respect, professional accounting practices are not easy to fashion out of number eight wire! So let’s break down how having professional accounting practices will up your business game.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need the following accounting services:

• Auditing
• Consulting
• Taxes
• Bookkeeping

But as the above list is a little dry, here is why you really need accounting for your business:

A professional accountant can help you choose the best business structure

Professional accountants are great advisors. They can explain the company, partnership and sole trader legal structures and help you decide on the best option for your enterprise. Additionally, once you’re set up, a professional accountant can also provide ongoing business coaching and advice.

More about business structures

Tracking software will make understanding your transactions a breeze

With so many software options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A professional accountant will set you up with the best systems available that cater to all your needs while being super user-friendly. At The Accounting Hub, we’re huge fans of Xero, and you will be too.

More about using Xero in your business

Accurate financial analysis provides context and feasibility to business planning

With the numbers dialled, you can apply for funding, propose new projects, and invest in growth opportunities knowing exactly where you stand.

More about business planning and development

Automation makes accounting seamless

The days of keeping records with a pen and paper, or even spreadsheets, are long gone. Or at least they should be. The automation software available today syncs all of your accounting information using sophisticated and advanced technology. So if you’re still using that pen and paper, please, read on!

Professional accounting practices save you time and money

Using a professional accountant is an investment. Time that you might usually spend pulling your hair out while scribbling numbers with your pen and paper is much better spent saving your sanity, time, and money. Professional accountants know what they’re doing, and they actually like it. So let them do their job, and you can get back to doing yours: running your business.

More about how our accounting services work

At The Accounting Hub, we use professional accounting practices and services to help business owners achieve all of the above-mentioned benefits and more. Read more about our services or get in touch.

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