Why WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax’s software contains everything you need to manage your business workflow in one integrated platform, brilliant! We use WorkflowMax in our business and we are trained to help you implement the software in yours. Get in touch or read a bit more about why we use and love WorkflowMax.



Benefits of WorkflowMax

  • Instant Quotes

Send beautifully designed custom quotes within minutes with your company branding.

  • Flexible Time Tracking

Simple, flexible and powerful time management software that requires the least effort from your staff.

  • Easy Job Management

Assign jobs, track timelines, and receive notifications when projects are running late.

  • Streamlined Invoicing

Invoice based on hourly or flat rate, brand your invoices, and save time with bulk invoicing.

  • Actionable Reporting

What was the profit margin on each job? Who was the biggest customer in the last quarter?

  • Xero Owned & Integrated

Sales invoices and purchase orders can be pushed seamlessly into Xero.

All plans include:

  • Client Manager Quoting/Estimating Time Sheets
  • Job Management Job Costing Collaboration Manager
  • Document Management Mobile Site Integration with 25+ Add-Ons
  • Custom Fields Purchase Orders Invoicing
  • Xero Integration Reporting

Contact us to discuss implementation of WorkflowMax in your business.


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