3 tech savvy Kiwi business we think you should know about

Hatch Online Investment

Here at the Accounting Hub we love innovation and cutting edge ideas. We are very lucky to work with some super cool businesses. We love business owners who think differently and find smart ideas on the edge of what is possible.

Here are a few other businesses we have been reading about who are using technology to its best advantage.


Swift Med Logo

SwiftMed, quite simply, is an online doctor. This Kiwi Company was launched in 2017 to deliver online GP consultations. Their mission is to make healthcare more simple, accessible and affordable. They are doctors on demand, offering world-class healthcare at your fingertips. No waiting rooms, in fact no wait; as the name suggests, SwiftMed is speedy, you can get an appointment very quickly and prescriptions at the touch of a button.

Dr Samantha Bailey set up the business after she noticed a patient waited 3 hours for a 5-minute consultation. She says. “We cannot accept that people should wait for treatment for simple problems, when technology holds the answer.”

The service is offered for a flat fee and is perfect for travellers. SwiftMed has teamed up with Haka Lodge and the YHA to deliver fast and effective professional medical advice to tourists at a reasonable price.

Swift Med is targeted at simple health care needs. We like that it has the potential to improve the overall standard of the healthcare offering in New Zealand without replacing the traditional long term patient care model.

This concept makes total sense to us; it’s just like having your finances completed remotely. Love this idea!


Hatch Invest NZ

Hatch is a savvy little online tool that helps everyday Kiwis get access to the US Share market. You can invest in the world’s biggest brands online for as little or as much investment as you would like. The site is powered by KiwiWealth (Kiwibank’s sister company) so is 100% NZ owned. This is a simple way to buys shares on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, fun!

The site was launched at the end of 2018 and Kiwis invested a cheeky $1 million in the first month into companies like Nike, Apple, Netflix, Google, Amazon and all the big names. Users can sign up online in a few minutes, be verified and start their investment journey.

There is the ability to start a watch list and track individual companies before deciding where to invest. You can invest in a bundle of companies through an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) or purchase fractional shares (less than one full share).

But the good news is Hatch will help you. There is lots of great advice on their blog and FAQ’s, they even give you a call from time to time to ask how things are going. This company feels very Kiwi, it is simple, straight up and you have control. Check it out!

Squawk Squad

Squawk Squad Graphic

Like the tagline says, Squawk Squad traps pests, saves birds, you get notified and make a difference!

It is no secret that our native birds are under threat. It is estimated that 25 million birds are killed each year by predators. 80 percent of the country’s endemic birds are under threat of extinction. Squawk Squad’s goal is to get all Kiwis (the humans, not the birds) involved in the conversation about conservation.

Everyday New Zealanders can purchase a trap or part of a trap. Every time your trap activates you receive a notification through the app, cool huh?

As a step towards the 2050 predator-free goal, the social enterprise also focuses on education. Free education resources find their way into schools and a cool VR tool, in both English and Te Reo no less, brings the story into the classroom in a way that is fun and digestible.

You can even gift a trap, Christmas isn’t too far away!

These are some of the coolest companies we have come across recently. We are always inspired by new ideas and clever Kiwis… again, the humans, not the birds!

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