Hangouts vs Skype

As dedicated teleworkers, we are always interested to try out new ways of communicating without the pain and time cost of a commute. So when Google replaced its “talk” products with “hangouts” for video calling we were keen to take a look. Despite being pretty happy with skype, we thought we would try out using “hangouts” to do the same things.

So what did we think? Hangouts is a very similar service to skype. I like it because it integrates well with the Google apps suite, which we use for email and document storage already. It is great for having multi person video meetings and for sharing your screen with the person that you are talking to.

Is it better than skype? We have moverd to hangouts for internal meetings however we will have external meetings over hangouts or skype. I’m waiting for the day when you can message someone on Microsoft’s Skype service via Google’s hangouts!

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