Making life easier with Smart Payroll

Despite only using Smart Payroll for 5 months now, I have personally found it not only easy to use but really useful and efficient to use compared to other online payroll systems.

Let’s be honest, no one really likes to worry about payroll and why should you? Using Smart Payroll has been a breeze and has made the worry go away. By cutting down the time spent on processing payments, you can use the time on things that matter.

A payroll system for all businesses

Smart Payroll is not just for small businesses. Almost any size business in New Zealand can use it. All you have to do is enter the payroll information and press submit and Smart Payroll will take care of the rest. They will transfer the money from your bank account to your employees and take care of all the government deductions.

Smart Payroll benefits

You are able to get various reports that can cater to your every need. It is quite clear and easy to check leave balances for each employee and see which dates they have taken leave in the past.

Also with Smart Payroll, you can have a third party, like us, that can process the payroll. We do payroll for numerous clients using Smart Payroll. They send us the payroll information, we enter and send them a pay run report which they confirm and we process the pay. This process is not only efficient but also a good internal control with separation of duties.

With Smart Payroll, you do not just get an online payroll system, you also get full support from the team at Smart Payroll who are always helpful whenever you need assistance.

More information

If you would like more information on Smart Payroll or payroll in general, we at The Accounting Hub are more than happy to help you sort your payroll. Get in touch.

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