Perrin Reilly


Springtimesoft is a collaboration of clever technology business people that have joined forces organically over a number of years. Together they offer a range of services that includes UX/UI design and web application development. These offerings are delivered alongside a consulting service that gives their clients access to a dynamic and experienced group of minds.

Business people team building
Springtimesoft team get-together for workshops and hackathon in Wainui Beach, Gisborne.


The team started with Perrin, Ben, Zane and Lenz and has grown over the years. While it is still small, they pack a punch. Their clients enjoy the benefit of working with a smaller team who can communicate well and immerse themselves deep into projects. They work in a range of industries including government and government funded enterprises, retail (e-commerce) and start-ups.

man with virtual reality goggles
Bit of playtime. Ben experimenting with the Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)


One of their recent projects is Techweek, a nationwide programme of over 500 events that celebrates inspiring technology, innovation and design thinking. This year Techweek theme was ‘Technology that’s good for the world’. The initiative is funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. It is like a Kiwi tech mardi gras, per se. With a mutual interest in the tech community, Springtimesoft are delighted to be working on an initiative like Techweek.

Work-life and lifestyle

A flexible, non-traditional work-style is important to the crew at Springtimesoft. They value working remotely, commuting outside of rush hour and taking time for family. Some of the team members have shifted to the regions or travelled overseas and continued to work remotely.

With the team are spread across the North Island, their offices in Auckland and Wellington and staff based in other regions, the business relies on good internal systems and communication arrangements – and domestic travel.

The team at Springtimesoft show how a little bit of creative thinking goes a long way to achieving a better work situation. These small changes also align closely to the business goals they have mapped out with The Accounting Hub.

Meeting The Accounting Hub

Perrin’s relationship with Andrew goes way back to when they crossed paths at BNI.

At the time, Perrin, like Andrew, was just starting out on his own in business. They could relate on many levels. Like going from being a one-man-band businesses, to managing growth, cashflow, taxation, multiple business partners and employees.

They also related on being a parent for the first time (both Andrew and Perrin’s first born children came into the world only days apart). The pair compared war stories on business and babies.

Business Planning

While Springtimesoft’s savvy team are not new to Business Planning – Ben has a background in finance and manages that side of the business – they were looking for a framework that was easy to share amongst all of the team. So, The Accounting Hub stepped in to help.

Here’s what Perrin has to say:

The big thing with business planning is that Ben and I want someone to hold us to account. While we had direction and growth we didn’t have clearly defined goals that we could work towards and celebrate achieving. We’re pushing to be proactive to growth, rather than reactive.

We see Andrew and The Accounting Hub team as an extension of our own company, an advisory service.

Funding through the Regional Business Partner Network

The Regional Business Partner network helps put businesses in touch with the right professionals (like us) to help grow their business. We have Perrin and Ben to thank for introducing us to client funding through the RBP network. As Perrin describes it:

The RBP network is an easy system to use and like. The Regional Business Partner Network empowers you to find and get the help you need to grow capability.

It’s been really neat with Andrew. He understands us, that we’re not obsessed with growth. We’re not just in it for the money. Our value system is about delivering a quality service sustainably while having a great team culture and lifestyle.

We have to agree, Perrin, it’s been a neat collaboration between Springtimesoft and The Accounting Hub. Thank you for your wonderful support.